Why hot dog called hot dog?

Hi everyone!

This time, I will tell you; Why hod god called a hot dog?



Back in 1900, there is a man in the new york street trying to sell sausages he boiled and kept them in the bottle that filled with hot water. Nobody interesting to buy the sausages until he shouts ” Get your hot dachshund sausage here” Dachshund is a long, thin, brown dog and looks like a sausage. Because the man shouts all people come to buy the sausage!

A newspaper reporter come and took a picture of the sausage seller and the sausage for a story in the newspaper. But, the newspaper reporter didn’t know how to spell ‘Dachund’ so, he names it with ‘Hot dog’ and that’s how the name started.

The sausage seller always gives his customers a white glove so, the customers can hold the sausage with the gloves. But, somebody forgot to give the gloves to the sausage seller. So, the sausage seller went to a baker and ask the baker to make a bred which will be filled with sausage.  And now that’s the hot dog we enjoy today.





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