The history of the earth

Hi friends!

I want to tell you a story about; The history of the earth. I want to tell that story because I love history and I want to tell that story for you so, ready to hear my story?


A long time ago there is a human. Just one human. Can you imagine that is only you in this world without your mom, your dad, your sister, or your brother? And a long long long time ago there is no one in this world just animals and plants. And a long long long long time ago there are no animals in this world just plants. And a long long long long long time ago before plants, there are no plants and just rock.

So, I’m gonna tell you how the earth was formed. Do you know star? Star is not like we draw Star is rounded and very very very big (the star is bigger than the earth). Did you know the big star?  The big star is the sun and the sun is bigger than the star but, the long long long long long long long long long long long time ago the sun as small as fireworks, and the sun sparked after that, the sparks made the earth. The earth is too lonely so,  as time goes by finally, the earth has rocks and steams. The steam made rain after that the earth has an ocean.


After steams and rock, the earth has :










so now you know that we are the last creatures on the earth!


6 thoughts on “The history of the earth

  1. Halo kakak Akila. Salam kenal sayang. Tulisannya bagus Kakak. Semangat terus ya nulisnya. Semoga nanti Kakak bisa menyampaikan kebaikan dan berbagi untuk banyak orang lewat tulisan keren Kakak 😘😘😘

  2. Hi, akilla salam kenal. Tulisan kamu bagus banget. Kamu keren karena sudah mau mencoba menuliskannya dengan sangat baik di blog. Proud of you dear

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