The case of the missing little dog

The little investigator



The case of the missing little dog


“My name is Anne. I am a detective I’m still 11 years old but, I like investigating like my friend: Miller, John, and Rupert. I will tell you all about my friend first, I will tell you about Miller. Miller is the most clever kid in the world she always knows she knows how the earth was formed! (“everyone knows how the earth was formed,” said John) she is my best friend…. Or no. Ok now, I will tell you about John he is a bookworm his hobby is cooking me too! So, I tell him that I love cooking too and I want to know what he can cook you know? He just said: “No Anne, that is a bad idea” I don’t know why he said that.


“Oh! And Rupert is the funniest kid ever but, he also kind and smart (Miller smarter) if there is something wrong Rupert will fix it”


“Oh Anne this is my turn!” said someone “Hi everyone my name is Rupert today, I and Anne will tell you about last week’s case. Oh yeah were in detective’s office”


“AKA house for an overnight guest,” said Anne “Oh Rupert I need to clean the kitchen. Wait jump and… aww sorry”


“Ok now I will tell you about last week’s case” Rupert start the story “Some little girl named Ally come here and said that her little girl is missing”


Ally is John’s little sister’s best friend Ally comes to The little investigator’s office last Saturday she nocks the office door and John open the door after that he said; “Hi Ally what can I help?” Ally starts to tell the story about his dog:

“My little dog is gone I don’t know where I think someone takes Pink (the dog name)”


“Did you let your dog go?”  ask Miller while opening her notebook and then starting to take notes


“No, okay the little dog is cute and white and- and…” Ally started to cry


“That’s ok Ally,” John said “ We can ask Jane ( John’s little sister) maybe she know where your dog”


Miller, Ally, and John go to John’s house and Jane is playing a board game with Grace. Grace is very arrogant Ally looks Grace and asks Jane; “Jane why you don’t play with me?” Jane looks very sorry.


“Sorry Ally,” said Jane “But, Grace says you are sick?”

“Sick?” Ask Ally “ No way!? I lost Pink did you see her?”

“No” Ally and Jane look at each other

“Grace are you lying?” asked Jane

Grace runs away from there she doesn’t know what she has to say so, she just escapes she doesn’t want everyone to know about her secret. After that Miller says something really confusing

“Maybe Grace toke Pink. Maybe she says Ally is sick because Jane maybe will know Grace toke Pink”

Everyone doesn’t understand what Miller talking about

“Come on,” said her, and everyone follows her


She runs so fast and she goes to the East after that she runs again and again and again until they all look Pink in Grace’s terrace. Ally is very shocked!

“Grace you take Pink!” Ally is very mad “Why? Why?”

“I don’t take her!” said Grace

“Can someone explain this?” asked John

“Just me,” said Miller “Now, I know why Grace doesn’t want to play with Ally maybe because she looks Pink in Ally’s terrace and takes her after that she bring Pink to her terrace and play with Pink all day”

“But, I have a fence in my house,” said Ally “And why Grace wants Pink?”

“Everyone can open your fence,” said John “Do you not remember Jane and you tell me that your fence is broken”

“Anyway,” said Miller “Pink is so cute”

“Yeah I’m sorry Ally,” said Grace “When I want to go home from the playground I look Pink she like starving, and no one there so I take Pink and feed her. I am ready to get the punishment”

“That’s okay” Ally said “Hmm.. feed her for 5 days”


“And Grace so happy,” said Rupert “And sometimes, Ally and Jane play with Grace. Oh, Anne are you already clean the kitchen?”

“Oh hmm.. wait ah oh jump oh no!” Anne cried “Sorry the tomato sous and ketchup spilled can you help me?”

“Oh ok wait. Goodbye, everyone sees you next week!”

Rupert and Anne need to clean the kitchen if you there, you will never help them eww….



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