The little investigators




“Hello! Meet me again, Rupert. Today, I am in the detective’s office by myself!”

“No! I’m in here Rupert! And there is John here”

“Oh sorry,”

“That’s okay Rupert. Anyway, my name is John and you know what? I don’t like cooking”

“Don’t listen to John! Okay, anyway, I’m Anne.”

“Yeah, everyone always snorted when they have seen you”

“No! No! Everyone hates John Kennedy Trevors!!”


“Yes! Noo! Can you guys please stop fighting?!”

“Oh yeah sorry Rupert. Just tell them the case”

“Thanks, Anne. So, last week me, John, Anne, and Miller were going to the ice cream together when we saw our friends from our school name Ariella. Ariella said that she wanted to buy some ice cream but, she cannot buy any ice cream because the ice cream shop was so full of people but, Miller said;


“I don’t care,” said Miller “my dad has given us some money for buying an ice cream”

“I don’t care either,” said Ariella “well, if I said that the ice cream shop was full of people YOU cannot go to the ice cream shop!”

“No!” said Miller “Come on WE go to the ice cream shop!”

“Well, Anne, You (John) and Rupert followed me!!” said Ariella

But, suddenly, Miller runs away from us. Anne was trying to case Miller but Ariella take her hand and said,

“Let her go, she’s jealous of ME”

“But,” said Anne

“But? Do you think that she’s better than me? Come on Anne your my best friend..”

“No, I’m not!”

“Hey, guys, did you think Miller go to the ice cream shop?” asked John

“Yes, but why did you asking?” asked Anne

“Nah, I’m just hungry for ice cream” answered John

“Well, we need to go to the ice cream shop” said me (Rupert)

Then, we leave Ariella alone with her annoyed face and go to the ice cream shop but when we have arrived, we didn’t see Miller anywhere and Anne started to worry about Miller

“Where is she???” said Anne

But, before I wanted to answered Anne question, John seen Miller sitting on the side of the fish pond with a sad face

“Oh Miller, what are you doing here?” asked Anne

“I hate Ariella” Miller answered

“We have knew that” said John and Miller gave us little smile

So, the next day, me, John, Anne and Miller we went to the school together and seen Ariella with her annoyed face when she seen us and said,

“Well, well, well, you guys for me is a rubbish!!”

But, we just laught together and happy to seen Ariella annoyed. And that our last weeks case goodbyee

“And do not tell Miller that we tell the case without her!”

Everyone in that office laught with no reasons








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