Me and my brother

Hi everybody!

Today, I’m writing a blog while playing with my brother. So, I will tell you a story about me and my little brother.

Me and my little brother like to play lego, listen to a song, drawing or maybe laugh. He tells me the prayer mat is on the bin we laugh together

This is my little brother who is laugh

Sometimes we make lego and my lego is very long my brother usually envious when seeing my lego but, I tell him that we can play my lego together and my little brother smile again.

my lego

my brother lego

You know what my favorite song? I mean what my brother’s favorite song? He likes a funny song! but, I like the podcast because I can listen to a story. I listen to a podcast now!

O my brother become a superhero!

My super brother!

Thanks, everyone to hear my story with my brother!


4 thoughts on “Me and my brother

  1. good and nice story kakak, cerita terua di blog ya nanti atik baca , dan bisa jadi inspiratif teman2 kakak utk jadi kakak san adik yg kompak . love u kakak…

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