Cave Man

Hi everyone!

Today I will tell you about the Caveman:



Do you know Caveman? they are the first people in the world. I don’t think you like Caveman they drink blood!

They live only to live

They had breakfast with berries, raw meat, and blood to drink. They had lunch with berries, raw meat, and blood to drink. They had dinner with the same menu or maybe sometimes their father didn’t come home from hunting because they were eaten by lions or tigers.

They sleep in the cave with the big spider or maybe while they were sleeping a tiger would come and eat them right away they have no mattresses to sleep on or blankets maybe they have some bear fur to make a blanket but, it’s only about half your size.

There was nothing they could do but run, hunt, or be eaten by wild beasts. So, do you like to live like that just say “No! it’s not camping” oh this is the most terrible thing when winter comes they have no jackets or there is no fire yet so they will die and become frozen


Thanks for hearing the story of Caveman see you!



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