At Home

Hi friends!

This time, I will tell you about what I did at home during COVID-19.

On Monday 05:55 in the morning, I learn with my mom Religion, and Math after I and my mom eats breakfast and takes a bath we learn Geography and Music. I love music I like singing too!

me and my piano


On Tuesday the same time in the morning, I learn Religion and Math after that you know? breakfast and take a bath I learn History and Language art. I love History if you want to know how the earth was formed, just search it in my blog: The history of the earth

This is the book (I love that book)


So, on Wednesday we do the same thing but, we learn Biography and Indonesian. For example, for Indonesian, I do copy work, reading, or do seTARAdaring.


On Thursday, I learn Science and IPA from seTARAdaring but, I’ve never studied science before. My mom said that I’m gonna learn science from a book (the title is: Storybook of science)
This is the book (i search it)
Friday is very fun! I love Friday we learn from seTARAdaring again! But, on Friday night,  we often watch a movie the title of the movie is: Rust Valley Rosterers the movie is about a man who very very loves old car he made the old car become a new car! his name was Mike Hall. He made the old car become a new car with his best friend, Avery, and his son, Connor. But, Mike is to love the new car he likes it or not sells his car even though he needs money.
Looks it become so nice!
On Saturday, I watch a movie. Usually, I watch Netflix or Disney+ my brother say he will watch Pókemon and this week I will watch Mary Poppins Returns. Saturday night I and my family watch it together.
Mary Poppins Returns as a nanny again!
Sunday is the same day as Saturday. Do you know what I do on Sunday? Prepare for Monday again! Thanks, everyone for hearing my story at home!


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